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Telecommunication is where our core competency lies. Our telecommunication services expertise is the nucleus of all our key service offerings. From narrowband to broadband right up to high tech multimedia applications that include live video streaming, video conferencing, internet and intranet technology, our experts can boast of decades of vital industry experience and success stories. The need to rationalize our core services have stemmed from the fact that CMC recognizes the need to focus on its core competencies. Our vast experience in the telecommunications field has allowed us to venture into new digital economy using broadband and Internet Protocol (IP).

Data Centre Project- Deliver, Install, Testing and Commissioning of related Refurbishment, Renovation and Upgrading works of Data Centre
Telekom Malaysia
From conceptual design to turnkey construction, CMC does it all.
CMC has vast experience in building and designing data center/server rooms and being the general contractor if requires for
the following applications:-
CMCEConceptual Design Layout and M&E Engineering Requirement Analysis
CMCEProject Management and implementation
CMCEData Centre and Critical Environmental Assessment
CMCEComprehensive and Basic Maintenance after warranty period
Digital Loop Carrier (DLC)
Telekom Malaysia

From Engineering Design to Commissioning for TM Broadband Rollout by using DLC
Technology in collaboration with ADC, USA

XDSL- Access System (STREAMYX)

Telekom Malaysia
From Engineering Design to Commissioning for XDSL for TM STREAMYX Network in
collaboration with Lucent-Technology and Bell Labs
Very Small Aperture (VSAT) Project

Telekom Malaysia
From Engineering Design to Commissioning for more than 2000 VSATs
Very Small Aperture (VSAT) Project – Digital Satellite

Digi Telecommunication Sdn Bhd (DiGi)
As a leader in VSAT solution provider in Malaysia, Digi has awarded CMC a full turnkey contract for "Supply, Delivery, Installation, and Testing & Commissioning for CDM digital satellite and CDM 600L digital satellite ABIS Technology” for their GSM Backhaul

MAXIS Communication Berhad
Providing bandwidth requirement to Gas Pipeline EPCC by using VSAT Solution
Microwave System - Supply, Delivery, Testing and Commissioning of Microwave System
Providing the Microwave Solution to TIME Dot Com Transmission Network